Delivering an intrusion-proof smart defence network

Building a communication network for the Indian Armed forces

Known for its design, build, and mage capabilities, STL created the world’s largest intrusion-proof, highly secure smart network infrastructure for defence forces in Jammu & Kashmir. We deployed 9.496 kms fibre network for the Network for Spectrum (NFS) and built a communication network for the exclusive use of the Indian Armed Forces. This new network, developed by STL, is boosting the communication capabilities of the Indian Defence forces, enhancing national operational preparedness and real-time connect in the highest battlefield of the world. Owing to the use of best cable laying standards and practices, intrusion-proof cable technology, network monitoring, GIS mapping, this deployment has become the most advanced and secure network for the armed forces.

Challenges that we faced (and mitigated)

  • Rugged terrains with unpredictable weather and sub zero temperatures
  • Defence-grade security issues
  • Multiple stakeholders and on-ground coordination
  • Scarcity of skilled resources
  • Geopolitical constraints

STL Solution to deliver excellence

Addressing both, technology requirement and deployment challenges, STL developed a highly innovative design solution – Ribbon Fibre Intrusion Proof cable with G.655 and G.652D fibres. Team took a bottom-up approach with realistic planning, with preparation for worst-case scenario for all deployment activities. Procurement supply trenching, laying, installation, testing and maintenance and accessories for construction of NLD backbone and access routes were all handled on a turnkey basis.

Diagram of Ribbon Fibre Design

Creating tangible impact
10,000 km
Optic fibre network
25+ Years of network life
7X Commissioning speed
100% Network on STL fibre

  • Delivery of best-in-class advanced and secure network
  • 75% links handed over to the customer

This new network developed by STL is boosting the communication capabilities of Indian defence forces, enhancing national operational preparedness and real-time connect till the highest battlefield in the world.