Data Centre Design Services: Instilling Excellence

This is a decade of design innovation in the Data Centre space as we have nuanced Data Centre requirements for the volume, complexity and variability expected. Therefore, the Data Centre ecosystem needs to be thought of and designed for these imperatives. A Data Centre design can have an enormous impact on the cost savings, scalability, modernisation potential, and sustainability. Our Data Centre Design and layout suite comprises modern-day, future-ready Data Centre services, spanning across the entire Data Centre ecosystem and lifecycle. Read More..

STL’s Design suite comprises end-to-end security landscape overlay with built-in encryption, orchestration, automation, and response. We take into consideration key Data Centre design elements of integrated infrastructure convergence, multi-cloud connectivity, network, storage & compute abstraction, and disaster recovery. We believe that Data Centres need to be re-imagined as ecosystems and not just premises or infrastructure. Be it Edge Data Centres, Green Data Centres, or Ubiquitous Data Centres, we apply the principles of design thinking and converge them with the customer needs to deliver and manage Data Centres of all shapes, forms and sizes. Read Less..

Here is how we design future-ready Data Centres for our customers

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Some key insights into future-ready data centre designs


Designing and building futuristic Data Centres


Connecting to edge Data Centres


Viewing Data Centres from an alternate dimension

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Data Centre on Wheels

Mobile, modular & rack-mounted Data Centres that can deliver computing at remote locations. Key features include disaster surveillance capabilities using customised drones and Command and Control Centres (CCC), moveable integrated CCC offerings for Defence, disaster response teams, and threat analysis on the go.

Edge Data Centres

Smaller facilities that deliver latency-sensitive cloud services and cached content to the end-users. Key benefits include near-zero latency, optimised bandwidth, greater network efficiency, augmented capabilities of attached devices, and reduced CapEx.

Green Data Centres

Designed for maximising energy efficiency and minimising environmental impact, our green Data Centres bring several advantages like decreased OpEx, increased building value & occupancy, and an improved RoI.

Multitenant Data Centres

Data Centres built on hyper-converged infrastructure. These are future-ready Data Centres that offer reduced latency, high scalability, flexibility, modularity, and deliver on stringent SLAs. Enterprises can now serve their customers better with improved application performance.

Ubiquitous Borderless Data Centres

A hybrid design for integration between on-premise and off-premise infrastructure. They are designed in such a way so as to lower TCO by reducing OpEx, while promoting scalability and agility.

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