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With an aim to create multi-gigabit access networks, Telcos and Enterprises across the globe are looking to build converged data networks that are reliable, scalable, resilient, and can support wireless and wired connectivity.

Telcos and Network Providers need do it all – reach the customers faster and deliver the best customer experience. Amidst Covid -19 pandemic it has now become an imperative for Telcos and Network providers to enhance their digital networks and create future ready technology and applications. The future ready digital networks will be crucial in creation of new practices such as study and work from home. Read More..

FTTx Mantra can not only meet the changing customer demands it can also help in creating a future ready digital network which can deliver all three things in one solution that is reach, scale and quality.

FTTx Mantra, a fibre access network solution that empowers Telcos and Network Providers to swiftly roll-out FTTx networks at massive scale, near-zero response time, great agility, and at optimised cost. The main differentiator of this solution is to integrate fibre -to-software capabilities across programmable networks, optical connectivity products, network design, fibre roll-outs, and software solutions. Read Less..

This end-to-end solution is a combination of multiple offerings

Fibre- roll out projects, especially in India has been slow paced. The fall-outs are evident in the time and cost overruns that plague large scale projects. Industry needs a robust solution that leverages Mechanisation, tool based project tracking and strategic partners to deliver stage wise excellence

STL promises to bring this stage wise excellence in the fibre rollout and deployment by our LEAD 360o solution. It is a first of its kind of orchestration approach for Hyperscale-Fibre deployment through innovation and best of our integration practises. The solution has the capability to deliver scale and coverage for core networks, mobile, home and rural.

STL has vast experience in network design and rollout especially in latest deployment technologies such as video surveys, geo-monitoring, sensors and analytics. Through our LEAD 360 o deployment approach we are creating a smarter digital network in rural areas as well by providing various smart applications including e-education, e-health and e-governance. We will continue to leverage our latest fibre deployment technologies to improve everyday living experiences of the citizens. Read Less..

Disaggregated approach

Company A
Company B
SD-Access Solution
Company C
Fibre Rollout
Company D
Company E
Fibre Solutions
designed to create flattened, cost effective and future optimized networks
crafter in-house to re-engineer network roll outs in terms of scale, speed and quality
across network functions to make the networks software controlled, hence agile and cost optimized
leveraging the power of analytics and big data to unearth powerful consumer insights, which can change the way we do business.

Key Benefits


Faster Deployment


Delivery Scale


Cost Saving


Reduced Manpower

Ultra Low


Hear from industry experts


CTO - Connectivity

Budgeting your link losses still


Principal Solutions

Bend Insensitive Fibre Improve Network Installation Performance and Maintenance



Network Data Monetization Get there faster with AI


Head - Virtualised
Access Products

Gigabit Wired and Wireless Convergence


Head – System
Engineering, PNI

Be 5G Ready With Next Gen Programmable Radio


PLM Head -
Optical Interconnect

5G and FTTH Network Convergence - Impact on Physical Layer

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