FTTx Paradigm Change to Achieve Fibre to the Exponential

FTTx Paradigm Change to Achieve Fibre to the Exponential

It all starts with superlative customer experience
In the recent years, the world has realised the combined potential of ubiquitous data and disruptive technologies. Now we see, a new set of use cases, which are about to become a necessity for people across the world. Smart homes – replete with connected devices and using technologies like AR, VR, IoT, AI and block chain are just on the anvil. The next real estate boom might just be in this exciting milieu of smart, connected homes. We are already seeing connected cars in developed countries.All this is customer experience. While the time for this idea has come, how ready are we to actually deliver it?

Technology and Connectivity have to partner…. well
To achieve what we now deem as imminent reality, connectivity needs to catch-up and evolve at a faster speed than these emerging technologies. Data connectivity is both, the enabler and catalyst here. Current data on broadband speeds in some developing countries is not encouraging. A case in point is India, where, with an average speed of 29.06 mbps1customers are miles away from watching the next FIFA world cup in their living rooms with their VR headsets on.

How, then will telecom operators get ubiquitous connectivity to millions of homes and end points? How will the data networks take that quantum leap to deliver this experience?

FTTx Connectivity checks all the boxes but hyperscale FTTx requires much more

Telecom revolutions, riding on microwave technology, have shaped the past 2 decades in India. Now deep fiberisation across the network value chain holds the answer for SLAUCE challenges. Fibre penetration in the network value chain has been restricted to backbone and backhaul networks. As we move to the hyper-connected “internet of everything” era, we need MORE and MORE fibre. CSP’s across the world are investing in ‘deep fibre’ intiaitives.