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Meet Estelan - an end-to-end passive Enterprise Networking solution portfolio from STL

STL has expanded its Enterprise Networking solutions portfolio with the launch of Estelan. Estelan, an end-to-end solution in fibre and copper cable connectivity, enables enterprises to modernise and digitise their large-scale network infrastructure.

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World’s first Eco-labelled Certified Optical products range unveiled by STL

STL became the ‘first in the world’ to launch a range of Eco-labelled Certified Optical Products, which was unveiled by Shri Devusinh Chauhan, Minister of State for Communications, India during IMC 2023. This range of optical products is recognised by US-based Sphera, an ESG performance consulting services company, and verified by Metsims Sustainability Consulting, a global sustainability consulting firm.

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10 million safe man-hours

In the world of manufacturing, safety isn’t just a priority; it’s a way of life. At our manufacturing plants, this commitment to safety has become a way of life, resulting in an incredible milestone of 10 million safe man-hours and 2,500 days without a lost time accident. Let’s delve into why safety is paramount, what makes safety complex for plants like Shendra

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Unveiling the Facts and Myths of Optical Fibre!

Embark on a captivating visual journey as we unravel the top five myths surrounding optical fibre technology and present the undeniable facts that shape our connected world. From lightning-speed data transmission to environmental impact, we're breaking down the barriers of misinformation. Let's explore the truth together in this immersive short video.

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EU hands over €130 million for 6G research

The European Union has allocated €130 million worth of funding to 27 research projects linked to the development of 6G technology. The projects include system architecture, wireless communication technologies and signal processing, communication infrastructure technologies and devices, reliable services, and smart security; complementary SNS experimental Pan-EU federated infrastructure; and large-scale SNS trials and pilots with verticals.

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