IWCS White Paper on Best Installation Practices

IWCS White Paper on Best Installation Practices

Deployment of new applications over local area network (LAN) cable technologies is moving forward at a lightning pace. With the emerging applications demand it has become very critical to select the right design of cable meeting current and upcoming applications needs. Structured cabling installations with lesser control and aggressive execution schedule, many times results in poorly installed systems. Structured cabling design planning includes pathways, containments and other necessary best practices which are very critical to achieve better headroom results in installed SCS (Structured Cabling System).

1. Introduction
Let’s understand dynamics around, project site field conditions, errors done during execution and how system integrations skill gap variability may impact installed cable performance. Considering field constraints and competitive market trend also changing .Now a day’s major quality OEM confirming guaranteed minimum 4- 6 dB headroom margin compliant to 90meter ANSI TIA-568- C.2 horizontal link performance .The same information getting incorporated in various large tender specifications ultimately eliminating many small players with limited capability to deliver such high performance margins absorbing certain level of field efficiency loss.

Keywords: SCS: Structured Cabling System, OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer, LAN: Local area network, dB: decibel, CCA: Copper Clad aluminium; PoE: Power over Ethernet; HDBaseT, RL: Return Loss, NEXT: Near end cross talk

2. Background

It’s very important for cable manufacturers they should contribute towards the work to bring right standardization through policy initiative and stop use of inferior designs CCA and less headroom inferior products in new passive network Installation. Larger goal is to promote maximum deployment of high efficiency, higher bandwidth new generations Cat6a onwards design cables which will be enabling future ready networks with proper implementations best practices followed.