Kakinada has out smarted criminals

Kakinada has out smarted criminals

What makes Kakinada a port firmly anchored in the future? Just one smart choice

The beautiful port city of Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh, now has a beautiful life too.

The traffic is more controlled, the environment more amenable and public safety perceptibly enhanced.

The smartest technology in the world is always one that uplifts the quality of life for ordinary citizens. And a smart city, by the same definition, is one that brings this technology to its residents, making their lives happier, safer and more comfortable. Today 3.35 lakh citizens of Kakinada are living this dream.

Powered with one of the country’s most advanced Command and Communication Centre (CCC), set up by STL, over 1,600 elements of Smart City technologies have been integrated to give the vibrant and strategic port of Kakinada, an edge over its contemporaries.

While CCTV surveillance, wi-fi, smart street lighting, automatic number-plate recognition and face detection all on one single screen have enabled smart data-driven decisions for the administration, video analytics and automatic alerts on wrong parking, congestion and unattended object detection have ensured smooth traffic operations.

Further fast and reliable Wi-Fi has connected over 13,000 users on daily basis, even as smart surveillance has brought down police complaints by over 50%. The result: a sustainable ecosystem marked by better governance and better living.

Technology firsts such as horizontal Internet of Things (IoT) platform, Long Range (LoRa) based city-wide Wireless Sensor Network and Disaster Management System are also virtual realities here. For instance, when cyclone Phani hit the coast of Orissa, Kakinada was given real time update of the cyclone’s path, disaster management underway and all precautions that this coastal town needed to take, through digital boards and address systems.

While cutting edge technology providing intelligent information is clearly the driving force behind the digital transformation the city has seen, what lies at the heart of the project is the mission to successfully humanize technology.

This is as true for Kakinada as it is for Gandhinagar and Jaipur, the other two cities where STL was entrusted with the task of converting traditional cities into future-proof smart cities.

STL is honoured to have deployed its skills and thought leadership to be the catalyst of this new citizen-friendly revolution shaping the country. Like they say, if you think, you can. We did. Both.