Enabling Enterprise Agility with Mobility Dynamics

NEOX IP-PBX is a cutting-edge solution that not only offers a comprehensive set of advanced features based on the next-generation SIP protocol but also transforms your business organization into an agile enterprise. With a holistic approach to voice communication needs, NEOX IP-PBX provides technology versatility, cost-efficiency, and flexibility, all combined with the desired scalability.

Equipped with a wide range of rich and flexible features, our solution seamlessly supports various IP phones, media gateways, and SIP clients. NEOX IP-PBX effortlessly integrates with your existing network environment, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption. Our user-friendly interface allows enterprise system administrators to monitor calls and track usage by extensions in real-time, enabling effective management and optimization of communication resources. Read More..

NEOX IP-PBX ensures a higher successful call ratio. With advanced features such as multiple trunk line support, failover mechanisms, and least-cost routing, your organization can optimize its communication channels and enhance call success rates. This translates into improved productivity, streamlined operations, and enhanced customer experiences.

Deploying our IP-PBX solution is a seamless process that empowers your enterprise with the mobility dynamics needed to thrive in today's fast-paced business environment.

Experience the power of NEOX IP-PBX and unlock the potential of enterprise agility.

Contact us today to learn more about our IP-PBX deployment options and embark on a transformative journey towards enhanced mobility and enterprise agility.Read Less..

NAT Traversal

NEOX Softswitch incorporates NAT Traversal, a feature that facilitates the smooth transmission of media traffic between edge devices residing in private IP networks. This ensures efficient and reliable communication.

High Availability Ready

To ensure uninterrupted services in the event of machine, hardware, or other failures, our solution supports N+1 redundancy. Carriers can rely on the NEOX Softswitch for high availability and consistent performance.

Lawful Interception

Maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements, the NEOX Softswitch enables lawful interception of private communications by authorized agencies. We provide the necessary components to support this critical functionality.

Web-Management Console for System Monitoring and Subscriber Provisioning

Effortless configuration and maintenance are at your fingertips with the NEOX Softswitch’s user-friendly web-based interface. Our secure authentication and authorization process allows customers to self-provision services based on their individual requirements.

SNMP Management and Monitoring

NEOX Softswitch supports SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) with a comprehensive management information base (MIB). Through SNMP, you can set configuration parameters, monitor performance statistics, check status information, and receive timely alarms in the event of faults.

Cost-saving LCR Functionality and Flexible Rating Feature Support

Take advantage of our Least Cost Routing (LCR) feature, which ensures that calls are routed through the most cost-effective path within a designated priority level. Our flexible rating feature empowers service providers to offer customized rating and charging plans based on factors such as time of day, special day rates, and more.

Reliable Linux Operating System

The NEOX Softswitch runs on a reliable Linux operating system, enhancing security and providing ease of administration for Linux-savvy administrators. This choice of operating system contributes to the overall cost-effectiveness of the solution.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Server

Our solution includes an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform that detects touch tones, enabling automatic call answering and response with pre-recorded audio. This feature supports various functionalities, including two-stage calling, advertisements, and music on hold.

Call Conferencing and Voicemail

NEOX Softswitch seamlessly integrates with leading Conference/Media/Voicemail servers through an RFC-based standard implementation. This integration enables carriers to provide value-added services, enhancing the communication experience for end-users.

RADIUS Interface

With our RADIUS interface, carriers can authenticate, authorize, and perform accounting functions using a secure RADIUS interface. This integration enables smooth interaction with OSS/BSS vendors and ensures streamlined operations.

Convergent Billing

Seamlessly integrating with 24Online, the NEOX Softswitch provides a convergent billing solution. This collaboration offers a comprehensive Wi-Fi based hospitality internet access management solution for ISPs and hotel chains.

Calling Card/Voucher Management

Our solution offers a secure and flexible prepaid service recharge solution through IVR. Carriers can efficiently manage calling cards and vouchers, providing a convenient experience for end-users.

Inbuilt Centrex

The NEOX Softswitch incorporates a Centerx framework that allows service providers to deliver PBX features to enterprises without the associated costs and management complexities of an on-premises telephony system.

Support for Regulatory and Standards Compliance

Compliance is a top priority for the NEOX Softswitch. Our solution ensures adherence to regulatory standards and requirements, including:

  1. Regulatory Emergency Services (E911) Requirement: The NEOX Softswitch is compliant with the Regulatory Emergency Services (E911) requirement, ensuring that emergency calls are properly routed and connected to the appropriate authorities.
  2. Location Routing Number (LRN) Method for Number Portability: Our solution supports the Location Routing Number (LRN) method, which enables seamless number portability, allowing users to keep their phone numbers when switching service providers.
  3. Lawful Interception (LI): We provide support for lawful interception (LI), ensuring that authorized agencies can access private communications in accordance with legal requirements and regulations.

At NEOX, we are committed to delivering a comprehensive and compliant solution that meets the highest industry standards, enabling carriers and service providers to offer reliable, secure, and feature-rich IP multimedia communications to their customers.

Key Benefits

  • Stay Connected to your Office on the move
  • Multi Office Centralized IP-PBX
  • Inbuilt Call Recording, Call Paging, and Conference Bridge
  • Automatic Schedule Conference
  • Inbuilt Rating and Charging
  • Video Calling, IVR, Caller Tunes, Auto-callback and more
  • 100% Voicemail Port
  • Eliminate additional phone wiring
  • Supports both Analog and IP phones.
  • Web/ GUI-based interface
  • Scalable


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