Private Enterprise Network Services

Globally enterprises are becoming more digitalised and automated. They require high bandwidth, and reliable communication capabilities to support use cases like factory floor automation, autonomous trucks, logistics and warehousing and electricity grids to name a few. Private enterprise networks bring low latency, quality of service, security and reliability allowing organizations to optimize and customize their network environment.

Public and private enterprises such as manufacturing, transport, energy utilities and logistics require dedicated networks to support their functions. Private networks address issues of coverage, capacity and control. At the same time protect from security risks and dangerous environments. STL Private Networks provide operational transformation, automation, and efficiency, as well as the creation of a secure business- and mission-critical communications environment.

Our solutions in private network solutions

Creating a secure business and mission-critical communications environment

Private LTE Network

Large number of enterprises are migrating to private LTE networks to address issue of managing large amounts of data and the costs involved in maintaining it. The network compromises of local cellular networks that include cell sites and core network servers. Private LTE networks can be tailored to handle traffic types keeping in mind specific business objectives.


Perimeter Security

Today, enterprises place a high value on critical infrastructure security and related applications. We offer the most sophisticated and one of a kind intrusion proof infrastructure powered by fibre optic sensing capabilities. STL employs its design engineering knowledge in development of these applications. Moreover we have developed India's most advanced command and control centres with real time, application level granularity and responsiveness.

Digital Security

With the tremendous growth in digital footprint, enterprises have become more cautious in their operations due to increased threat of cyber-attacks. STL's Digital Security includes anti-virus software, web services, biometrics and secure personal devices.

IoT Systems

Reliance on data for imperative business needs has increased drastically. With IoT coming into picture data usage will expand at an exponential rate. Capabilities for immediate sharing, receiving and analysing massive amounts of data are needed to better address business needs. STL IoT solutions aid in decision making by providing a mix of product, software and services interconnected with world class network connectivity.


Safeguarding your business from network security breaches

Secure data
handling capabilities

products, software and services interconnected with world class network connectivity


Create an infrastructure delivering on uptime and deliverability. Remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance.


End to end control of the network with ability to modify feature, scale and Qos.

Intrusion proof

Supported by fibre optic sensing capabilities. wireless utility sensors and safety applications

Protection from
cyber attacks

Biometric enabled access


Ability to handle diverse traffic types


Networks optimised to handle high data volumes

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