The world is gravitating towards FTTx – A research paper


The world is gravitating towards FTTx – A research paper

Understanding the trends around the preference for FTTx as the technology of choice for all our broadband needs
“The needs for FTTx networks have arrived earlier than our forecasting models have predicted. Consequently, the deployment of FTTH and FTTB networks have increased significantly. Setting up a fibre based broadband network, once considered a luxury affordable to the developed world, is poised to become mainstream all over the world. FTTx is evolving on multiple fronts, be it business models, execution methodologies, operating efficiency and strategic partnerships & alliances. Technological developments sit in the middle of it all, playing the role of the enabler.

This is the 1st in a series of 3 papers on trends on FTTx, the need for their rapid adoption as well as the role of automation in hastening the deployment of FTTx networks.”

Today, the situation of FTTH across the globe is very inhomogeneous, and the status of deployment of fibre to the home and usage of standards in any country depends on the history of broadband internet access in a particular country, regional inconsistencies, local telecommunication firms, and technical issues of individuals.

Some of the main trends in the past couple of years include:
  • A decrease of nearly 7% in new connections on copper lines
  • FTTH connections increasing Y-o-Y by atleast 15%
  • China’s record setting fibre market growth; at 66% of global FTTH net additions
  • Belgium, Thailand, Argentina, Philippines, Chile and South Africa among others saw significant FTTH growth rates Q-o-Q