Smart Connected Stadiums


Smart Connected Stadiums

The Era of Smart Stadiums

The premise of smart stadiums is for maximizing fan satisfaction through the creation of an omnichannel experience before, during, and after the game. This way fans get a personalised convenient experience while circumventing crowded spaces. While at the same time, the staff receives immediate updates on the activities in the stadium thereby increasing their efficiency and ability to respond to triggers. This is possible through the integration of various technologies and touchpoints to provide a personalized, seamless, and connected experience to fans.The first step in this process is identifying the touchpoints where fans interact with the stadium, such as ticketing, seating, concessions, parking, and merchandise. Once these touchpoints are identified, various technologies such as mobile apps, digital signage, beacons, and sensors, can be integrated to create a connected ecosystem that can track fan behavior and preferences.

This data is then collected and analyzed to understand fan behavior, preferences, and needs, which can be used to personalize the experience for fans by offering personalized recommendations,
promotions, and services. Providing seamless connectivity throughout the stadium, such as Wi-Fi, mobile connectivity, and IoT connectivity, is crucial to enable fans to interact with the stadium and each other. The data collected can also be used to optimize fan engagement by offering relevant content, promotions, and services at the right time and place.