Lora network advantageous as key IOT enabling technology

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Lora network advantageous as key IOT enabling technology

Lora network advantageous as key IOT enabling technology
A scalable and low cost IoT network is the cornerstone of a Smart City program, and LoRa-based devices and the LoRaWAN specification provide high-capacity, low power networks that form the basis of successful smart city solutions

Internet traffic is continuously growing with the demand for high speed broadband services, high performance tele-computing, mobile broadband access for smart portable devices, and high definitionLong rage is a key factor for largescale communication networks typically required in Smart-City applications and IoT. Recently, narrowband and spread-spectrum technologies surfaced as costeffective candidate technologies to fulfil low throughput and long-range communication. LoRa is a spread-spectrum modulation scheme that uses wideband linear frequency modulated pulses whose frequency increases or decreases over a certain amount of time to encode information. The main advantages of this approach are twofold: a substantial increase in receiver sensitivity due to the processing gain of the spread spectrum technique and a high tolerance to TX and RX frequencies misalign.

LoRa is a Semtech technology for IoT • Provides long range and low power wireless technology to connect lowcost, battery operated sensors over long distances (10 miles range and > 10 years battery life) • The LoRa Alliance was formed in February 2015. Release 1.0 of LoRaWAN specification was released to public on June 16, 2015 • Applications: smart city, sensor networks, industrial automation application Important Factors in LORA network The most critical factors in a LORA are: • Network architecture • Communication range • Battery lifetime or low power • Robustness to interference • Network capacity (maximum number of nodes in a network) Network security • One-way vs. two-way communication • Variety of applications served

What is LORAWAN?

LoRaWAN™ defines the communication protocol and system architecture for the network while the LoRa® physical layer enables the long-range communication link. The protocol and network architecture have the most influence in determining the battery lifetime of a node, the network capacity, the quality of service, the security, and the variety of applications served by the network.