IWCS White Paper on Cabling Complexities in Data Centre


IWCS White Paper on Cabling Complexities in Data Centre

Deployment of new applications over datacentre is moving forward at a lightning pace and connectivity requirements becoming more complex in data canter. With the emerging applications demand it has become very critical to select the right design of cable meeting current and upcoming applications needs. Structured cabling installations with lesser control and low design valued infrastructure many times results in poorly installed systems.

Structured cabling design planning includes pathways, containments and other necessary best practices which are very critical to achieve better performance and avoid the maintenance issues in future.

Keywords: SCS: Structured Cabling System, OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer, LAN: Local area network, dB: decibel, Gb/s: Gigabits per second; PoE: Power over Ethernet; RL: Return Loss, NEXT: Near end cross talk, PLM: Product line manager.

1. Introduction
The framework that enables our customers to configure the data center with an intelligent interconnected infrastructure that optimizes the environment with a flexible cabling infrastructure that will allow customers to grow as their capacity and bandwidth grows. Data centers continue to grow and expand globally as our demand for data increases daily. New applications based technologies like cloud computing, mobility, video streaming, virtual reality, autonomous driving, real time gaming and many more will be data guzzlers, pushing users and enterprises to demand hyper connectivity and low latency For example, selfdriving cars will generate up to 4 Terabytes of data for 8 hours of driving, while virtual reality applications will consume 140 Petabytes of data per month by 2021. Not only in the devices that make up the network fabric, but also at the physical layer, the foundation of our network.

We have 10Gb/S Ethernet, we have 40Gb/S and 100GB Ethernet over fiber and upcoming IEEE 802.3cd and P802.3bs standards are working for delivering 50/100/200/400 Gb/S over different length and types of fiber uplinks .We have 25Gb/s and 40Gb/s Ethernet are for use over copper balanced twisted pair.

Given the need for hyper connectivity and low latency and the fact that these apps and storage for them is over the cloud, data centers will need to move close to the point of consumption. Hence, networks will become dense with smart design elements. Data Center efficiency will be one of the key drivers for desired performance and cabling infrastructure is one of the important elements in entire data center eco system.