Digital Marketplace A Panacea for digital transformation woes?

Digital Marketplace A Panacea for digital transformation woes?

Is a digital marketplace the answer to CSPs’ digital transformation woes?
Analysing the role of digital marketplace solutions in helping CSPs compete effectively and create true differentiators in a dynamic industry that’s being steered by digital transformations

The need for communication service providers (CSPs) to look beyond traditional voice and data services have become more urgent and imminent than ever before. To stay relevant and compete effectively, they would need to diversify and take the plunge into new age digital services and explore relatively under penetrated customer segments, such as the enterprise segment. Rapid evolution of cloud models/platforms, open architectures and most importantly, shift in customer behaviours presents telcos with the right opportunity to venture into new verticals and create an eco-system that helps them build new business models and revenue streams. Partnerships with players from different verticals would be crucial in this journey, to cater to the varied and complex needs of customers. A partnership ecosystem would enable CSPs to launch offerings faster than ever and go from just being cost-efficient to adopting new and innovative revenue streams. This whitepaper examines how platform-based models can help lay the bridge between CSPs, customers and partners paving the way for greater collaboration and shared value.

The emerging enterprise customer
Perhaps because it is easy to navigate, telcos have focused on the retail market segment for quite a while now. However, traditional voice and data offerings are no longer proving profitable for telcos. High spectrum and maintenance costs add to their bag of woes. This calls for a re-look at the largely untapped enterprise segment.

Telcos have been vary of foraying into the enterprise segment, probably due to the complexity involved in executing projects, as well as high dependency on manual activities, complex workflows and lengthy approval processes within business hierarchies. These reasons could be why the enterprise segment remain untapped and unable to generate profitable revenue streams for telcos.
Today, CSPs realize that they no longer need to focus on technology transformation, rather they need to focus on obtaining b