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MLT Duct

Designed for indoor/outdoor and outside plant applications, offer robust performance for conventional duct installations. Featuring a loose tube structure with gel-filled buffer tubes, they ensure longitudinal water protection. Glass roving yarns enhance tensile strength and rodent protection, while an LSZH or thermoplastic outer jacket provides mechanical and environmental protection. These Class Eca-rated cables are suitable for pulling or air-blowing techniques, making them versatile solutions for diverse installation needs.

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MLT Microduct

optical fiber cables are robust solutions for micro duct and outside plant installations. They have stranded micro loose tubes and water blocking gel, they ensure durability and reliability. The addition of a thermoplastic dual jacket in certain models enhances resilience and ease of installation. Overall, these cables offer a comprehensive solution for high-performance optical fiber networks, meeting modern connectivity demands.

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MLT Buried

These cables, suitable for outside plant (OSP) applications, offer offer versatile installation options such as duct pulling, blowing, or direct burial, ensuring reliable performance in harsh environments. Featuring S-Z stranded loose tubes and water-blocking gel, they boast dual jackets for durability and easy installation. Equipped with water-blocking technology, flat FRP armoring, and resistance to termites, these cables provide long-term reliability. Ripcords allow quick mid-span access during installation.

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MLT Aerial

These aerial installation cables boast lightweight yet durable design, offering robust water protection and high tensile support. Featuring multi-tube construction with ripcords for easy access, dry water-blocking technology ensures a gel-free core. With a removable thermoplastic jacket, these cables ensure reliable performance across various network architectures, combining high tensile and crush resistance for lasting durability.