Optical Fibre, Enabling 5G and FTTx

Tuesday, July 6, 2021, 4:30 PM IST / 12:00 PM London


The Optical Fibre Technology has been in our lives for a while now. It eases the communication and the transmission of information and it becomes more and more indispensable, especially in the business world. But have you ever thought how much has fiber optic impacted our lives over time? Optical Fibre cables made our lives easier. Optical Fibre patch cords carry information over great distances in no time and in safe environments. Moreover, they are used in so many domains! These are just a few examples of how optical fibre cables can be used in the day to day life:

  • Computer networking – to boost communication speed
  • Medical field – for surgery and dentistry
  • Internet connection
  • Enhancing cable TV
  • Military and space applications – provides a reliable, safe, and fast medium for data transmission

This webinar on the topic “Optical Fibre Technology enabling 5G and FTTH” explains a three-point plan that will help you define emerging strategies for Optical Fibre Technology enabling 5G and FTTH.


Sudipta Bhaumik

Head- Applications and Standards Engineering

Sudipta Bhaumik is Head- Applications and Standards Engineering at STL. He has been in the telecommunication field for over 22 years and engaged in research into quality, reliability, and application issues of optical fiber and cable. He was one of the architects of quality, process, and application engineering of STL’s state-of-the-art optical fibre and cable manufacturing plants.  He is an active expert member in telecom standard development organizations like ITU-T, IEC, BIS, TEC, and serves as an editor to ITU-T and IEC. Sudipta is one of the founder members and master trainers of STL Academy. A frequent author of technical papers, he twice won the Urbain J.H. Malo Award for most meritorious research paper in Wire Association International (WAI)’s convention.  Sudipta holds a M.Tech degree in ceramic engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University.