Getting your “Business Support System (BSS)-on-Cloud” Strategy Right

Tuesday, August 24, 2021, 4:30 PM IST / 12:00 PM London


5G, IIoT, Wifi6, Cloud-native services all have created enormous opportunities for the enterprise segment to grow at an unprecedented speed and BSS is the core monetization engine of investment that drives these for CSPs (communications service providers). As such, overcoming BSS transformation challenges is paramount to realizing return on network investments. It requires CSPs to embrace a leaner, agile, and intelligent infrastructure as the company’s backbone and the way to do that is through the cloud. Cloud-based solutions will enable CSPs to create significant economic value by boosting revenue by as much as 3 to 5% and by cutting costs by 20 to 30%.  However, in order to successfully leverage the value of this infrastructure, CSP’s need a strong framework & monetization mechanism to realize the BSS-cloud’s value proposition of greater revenue and lower costs.

In this webinar, STL will discuss how to realize the full potential & technological benefits accrued from BSS-to-cloud migrations & how organizations can be better prepared to explore the possibilities of how to succeed in their BSS to cloud journey, through setting realistic expectations and culling based on lessons learned across the cloud ecosystem.

Key topics include:

  • Defining the KPIs to ensure successful BSS-Cloud set-up
  • Why lift-and-shift from legacy to cloud is a perfect recipe for disaster.
  • How to use Open API and Open Digital Architecture for accelerated value generation.
  • Selecting the right cloud partner & platform components


Ravi Shankar

Head of Product Management, BSS/OSS

Ravi is a seasoned professional with a customer-first approach & a proven track record of product and portfolio management, technology development, and digital transformation in the enterprise & network software domain. Being a strong advocate of a people-first, digital lifestyle, and equitable access to resources, Ravi is passionate about using technology to bring extreme agility, data-driven decision making, and significant cost savings to the enterprises. He is an accomplished leader with distinguished abilities in all facets of product design, marketing strategies, including acquisitions and portfolio consolidation through extensive experience in international and multi-cultural environments.