Digital Symposium : Driving New Business Models in Edge Computing

Thursday, September 30, 2021, 8:30 PM IST / 4:00 PM London


Edge computing is bringing new business opportunities to players across the ecosystem – hardware, software, data center, service provider and cloud. The market for MEC – as it is evolving today – has moved beyond questions of “where is the edge?” to the implementation reality of “the edge is whereever you need it to be.” MEC implementation scenarios are growing and, with them,
the opportunity for nuanced services supporting the MEC market. Enterprises are moving forward with DIY MEC implementations – some in service of private 5G implementation. Service providers are starting to offer managed MEC services as well as build-operatetransfer deployments. At the same time, webscale players have entered the market with their MEC, cloud and AI expertise, and they have a significant opportunity to build on early telco wins. In this digital symposium, the panelists look to the multiple evolving MEC business models and debate the opportunities and potential obstacles facing each. Other topics include:

  • What will be the impact of MEC on private 5G enterprise networks (and vice-versa)?
  • When will we see edge-computing-as-a-service? And who will be the service providers?
  • Where are enterprises choosing a DIY approach to MEC and what obstacles are they encountering?
  • Will MEC place a chill on cloud expansion – or is it, in fact, an extension of that expansion
  • How are the hyperscale providers participating in the MEC market today and how will that change?


Ravi Shankar

Head of Product Management-BSS/OSS