The ved Pathshala is supported by Sterlite Technologies Limited (STL) under its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives to continue the providing ancient invaluable education through Vedas in part- nership with Swami Sacchidanand Vedahyay Pratisthan and Swami Dayanand Seva trust at Pirangut campus.

The Ved Pathshala is following the ancient method to teach the vedas and the STL has created/developed that type of structure for joyful learning.Guruji Mr. Siddhivinayak rises from his sleep sharp at the stroke of 4 every morning when the bell rings loud and clear. After a quick face wash, he is at his seat, immersed in the study of the ancient Vedas in Sanskrit in the stillness of the breaking dawn for two continuous hours.

Between 6 am and 6:30 am, he starts milking the cows. Once the daily chore is over, the 25-year-old student bathes and begins chanting the Gayatri mantra japa to attain the blessings and boons of this mantra.