Sterlite Tech Transforms Jaipur for Citizens & Tourists

In addition to being a famous tourist destination, Jaipur is also a Smart City now. The enhancements, in terms of technology,  have led to exceedingly smarter ways of life. Integrated with Smart technologies, the city transport management and parking systems now are much more convenient for citizens to use. Multiple cameras, which have strategically been placed across the city, ensure prevention of crimes. The Interaction Kisosks make it easier for citizens to address utility purposes, such as bill payments and accessing general information.

Smart Lighting is a key feature, which has enabled JDA to conserve energy and make significant cost savings. Enhanced environmental sensors keep updating the people on weather forecasts and pollution levels contributing to a more healthy and sustainable environment. With digital developments taking place in leaps and bounds, Jaipur has actively been championing the Smart City initiative of the nation.

Scope: Livable, Sustainable, and Efficient for Citizens and Tourists Jaipur, the capital of the state of Rajasthan, is one of the largest metropolises in the northern India. A popular tourist destination, Jaipur is world famous for its unique architecture, forts, monuments, and palaces.