Safety – a premeditated and well-thought out strategy for prosperity

An announcement with pride
STL – Sterlite Technologies Limited – Network Services Business: Already a GREAT PLACE TO WORK, Now globally recognised as a SAFE PLACE TO WORK

We have won the Behaviour Based Safety Corporate Award and British Safety Council International Award 2020 for delivering on our commitment to keeping our workers and workplaces healthy and safe during the year 2019.

The International Safety Awards are most prestigious health and safety award scheme. They recognise organization’s that have demonstrated commitment to occupational health, safety and wellbeing.

The British Safety Council leads health and safety networking forums for all sectors, facilitates and promotes best practice in Britain and overseas. It works closely with organisations, charities and individuals who share its vision of ensuring that every worker goes home at the end of the day as healthy as they were when they went to work.

The vision

“No-one should be injured or made ill through work – anywhere in the world.”

Our achievement

100% safe and healthy environment for our 3300+ employees and thousands of contractors & consultants across 100+ geographies

What does it take to ensure 100% safety?

Safe behaviour is a shared imperative irrespective of cultural backgrounds, positions in hierarchy, personal beliefs, urgency of the task, constraints, limitations, etc. Every project of ours is underlined by safety first and then performance. Given the scale at which we operate across countries with workforce comprising our own employees, contractors, and our partners in the thousands, the understanding that there is no way of undoing a loss and that there is no such thing as the right amount of compensation, is key to imbibing safe practices over business profitability.

Awareness creation and training were the most important aspects of our behaviour modification mantra and we leveraged technology to make it more effective.

We proactively took initiatives such as

  • QHS policy for fibre deployment
  • 8 Life Saving Rules
  • Upgrading of OHSAS standard to OHSMS ISO 45001:2018
  • Behavioural Based Safety concept like doing it first time right, on spot correction, on spot training for field staffs
  • External Audit
  • Project specific Safety and Quality plans
  • QHS month celebration – Feb 2020
  • Knowledge Nuggets, Online data capturing etc.

Looking ahead

Our participation in the British Safety Council Awards was a validation of the strength of our safety
initiatives from a renowned & independent entity. Robust health and safety procedures are important for
any business. Ensuring health and safety is not just a good-to-have feather, but a mandate that ensures
sustenance and business continuity in the long run.

“To be forewarned is to be forearmed”