Plug & Play FTTH Solution with Vodafone India

Evolving ecosystems with advanced compute power require major changes in the foundations that provide the volume of data needed to keep them running. The digital transformation, driven by Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, IoT require massive data sets to drive their respective applications. In an ever-expanding digital India, with 4G progressing towards 5G, the Indian telecom sector has undergone a complete transformation with free voice calling and data applications gaining prime importance.

There is an emerging need of a solution to connect these cities at much faster pace than ever before. Catering to the requirements of ultra-high speed broadband enabling HD TV, 3D Gaming, movies-on-demand, surveillance systems and much more. There is definitely a need which emerges out for one-of-a-kind solution that enhances last mile connectivity like never before.

Sterlite Tech’s smarter FTTH Plug and Play Passive Solution is designed to enable faster and reliable connectivity, which helps operators to provide broadband connectivity to Homes in the shortest possible deployment time in high-rise and medium rise building scenario.

The key technical attributes of this solution


– Easily withstand stringent outside environment: IP-65 Rated

– Overcome sharp bends: uses Bend Insensitive G.657 BOW-LITE series of fibre reducing signal losses by 10-20 times.

– Protects Slacks from outside damage: store 30mtr cable inside box.


– Independent of field splicing: Factory terminated tested ends ensure low insertion loss.

– Rodents Protected: Highly flexible, spiral armoured cables with predesigned lengths


– Resource Optimisation: 50% reduction in FRT team for deployment

– Supply Chain Management: Predefined kit for desired cluster sizes

Ease of Operations

– Flexibility: solution installable at walls/poles
– Semiskilled team can install it: Reduction of Technical Skills requirement on field

Vodafone intended to launch ultra-high speed fibre FTTH Broadband with an expected speed of 70 MBPS to 1 GBPS. It also planned to oer services of Vodafone fibre to start with, in order to encourage the deployment and demonstrate practical benefits.