Giving a smart edge to Kakinadain Andhra Pradesh India

Making Kakinada a ‘truly’ smart city

This case study enumerates how STL, with its expertise in converged networks, designed and deployed a Smart city ecosystem with IoT-driven civic infrastructure like smart lighting, public Wi-Fi, city surveillance, video analytics, public announcement systems, and much more. All these applications run on the back of a robust 120 kms of optical fibre backbone and an MPLS network. Making Kakinada a ‘truly smart’ is an advanced command and control centre and provides a 360o situational awareness and action mobilization for the city. Applying design thinking to each layer of the network, STL also created an end to end safety ecosystem, which will make the city safer and enable seamless action on real time information.

Challenges that we faced (and mitigated)

  • Concerns related to traffic safety
  • Lack of public safety mechanism
  • Absence of warning systems during natural disasters
  • Excess Electricity usage

STL Solution to deliver excellence

STL created India’s one of the most advanced Command and Communication Centre (CCC), with over 1,600 elements of smart City technologies integrated into it . The CCC is equipped with various technology firsts like horizontal Internet of Things (IoT) platform; Long Range (LoRa) based city-wide wireless sensor network and disaster management system.

Creating tangible impact

50K Wi-Fi users per month
<300000 Wi-Fi connections on free wi-fi
<470 Hotspots in public places
3.25 lakh Citizens impacted

  • Facilitated smart city applications for CCTV surveillance, Wi-Fi, automatic number-plate recognition and face detection to one single screen
  • Video analytics and automatic alerts on wrong parking, with congestion and unattended object detection
  • End to end safety ecosystem, to make the city safer
  • Allowing seamless action on real time information
  • Enabled data-driven decision-making for the local administration