DCCM enables Tier-1 operator to provide seamless Digital Customer Experience

We live in a data-driven world where every aspect of our lives is digital — social interactions, payments and shopping. The way we used mobile phone has drastically changed. There has been a rapid increase in global data consumption driven by this changing consumer behaviour.

Changing end-user behaviour brings both challenges and opportunities for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). Decreasing average revenue per user, customer drop-outs during onboarding process, competition from OTT players are some of the key challenges for CSPs with the majority of them already started or planning to start their digital transformation journey.

In a significant digital transformation initiative, Sterlite Tech’s Digital Commerce and Customer Management (DCCM) platform wins an end-to-end digital subscriber onboarding and online sales management deal with a Tier-1 operator in India. With over 200 million subscribers spanning across India, the Tier-1 operator offers voice and data services for retail customers, and mobility and fixed line services for enterprise customers.

Enriching Customer Experience

Sterlite Tech’s DCCM platform is a customer-centric platform that digitises each interaction and every engagement of CSPs, its customers and partners. DCCM enables CSPs to monetise their services via every touchpoint, channels, and devices. It improves operational efficiencies of CSPs by replacing back-office operations with end-to-end automated processes and enriches the end-user experience by providing one-stop telco storefront for all their needs.

The DCCM platform has the required scalability to enable the Tier-1 operator to adopt digital technologies for ensuring faster time to market and cost-effectiveness. DevOps seamlessly integrates development and operations for faster and continuous outcomes. Open Restful APIs enable the Tier-1 operator to shift from traditional to digital technology without impacting the legacy setup and protecting their existing investment.

As an extension of this deal, Sterlite Tech has also provided managed services for three years, which requires a team of experts to be stationed at the operator’s location to handle dynamic business requirements.

Enabling Digital Onboarding

Sterlite Tech’s System Integration (SI) experience with leading CSPs across the globe and the unique customisation and flexibility features of DCCM are the key differentiators that the Tier-1 operator considered before opting for Sterlite Tech’s DCCM platform for transforming their digital customer experience.

Once implemented, the platform ensures an end-to-end digital onboarding and enables flexible delivery options allowing customers to select delivery or in-store pick-up. Advanced analytics and personalisation features equip CSPs to proactively offer products/services to customers based on their buying habits and online behaviour for cross-selling or up-selling.

Key Benefits of DCCM 

  • 184% increase in the order of activation in 3 months
  • 80% man days saving through Automated Testing
  • 85% reduction in downtime with Docker approach
  • 40% reduction in Subscriber Acquisition Time
  • 33% reduction in Time to Market of new feature roll-outs
  • 30% reduction in Subscriber Acquisition Cost