STL wins the Jury Commendation Award for CSR in water-management in Aurangabad

The Jury Commendation Award was won by STL at the 16th FICCI CSR Awards, for large-scale impact in water management in the drought-hit Aurangabad region. It’s Project Jaldoot has resulted in a 150 per cent increase in Aurangabad’s water-storage capacity. Through this initiative, 22 check dams were constructed in 16 villages, along with strategic focus on dam structures and water management, for long-term impact.

Between 2016 – 2017, Project Jaldoot brought about an increase of 644,000 cubic metre of groundwater in eight villages, directly benefiting 14,000 villagers. The project has resulted in over 6,000 villagers accessing clean drinking water and 20 per cent increase in the average incomes in these villages, leading to transformational changes in the everyday living experiences of the people, while ensuring security of livelihoods and significant economic growth.