STL wins the Forbes China Award

STL won the Forbes China award in the category ’20 most successful Indian companies in China’, at the 2018 Forbes China Innovation Summit, held in ChengDu, on 15 August. A list of 20 Indian companies successful in China was published, recognizing the contributions by these companies to the Chinese market.

STL is one of the Indian companies in China that has achieved a commendable level of quality and innovation, and is adding significant value. Several other Indian companies are experiencing major turnover growth, and progress such as 80% business profit. Factors such as employment, investment, influence and market share, have been playing a pivotal role in the advancement of these companies. Such developments are solidifying the foundation that STL and other Indian companies have been laying in China.

With over 120 Indian companies having already established their presence in the Chinese market, growth and opportunities for upcoming Indian enterprises are clearly going to be on the rise, in the near future.