Top 25 Innovative Organisations of India – CII

STL has been recently recognised in the Top 25 Innovative Companies of the year during the prestigious CII Industrial Innovation Award 2015. The highlight in STL winning the CII Award included the company’s organisation-wide commitment toward innovations, evident from the 162 patents in India, Europe, China and USA as per evolving industry applications.

The showcase of the award was:

Innovation through empowerment

Product innovations

128 Gbps optical transmission over a long-haul telecom network 200 micron fibre product innovation Bend insensitive fibre

Impact of innovations

These innovations are capable of transforming bandwidth deficient telecom networks in India into future-proof telecom infrastructure capable of providing upto 1 Gbps speed to end users. Customers (telecom operators) have been technologically empowered to multiply their data carrying capacity and speeds on existing infrastructure without deploying additional optical fibres in their telecom network.