Optical Fibre

Fibre optics refers to the technology and the medium associated with the transmission of data as light pulses along a ultrapure strand of glass, which is a thin as a human hair. For many years, optical fibres have been extensively used in high-performance and long-distance data and networking.Whenever someone makes a phone call, checks a website, or watches a video in a highly connected world, it’s made possible by light pulses bouncing through thin strands of optical fibre.While Cloud computing and wireless communications have exponentially expanded in the world, the majority of video, data, and voice signals still travel over fibre optic networks.

As we consume more and more data, networks are struggling to keep pace with this exponential jump in demand. Both 5G and FTTH deployments will use optical fibre, but it will need to be deployed in a much more dense way than it is currently.There is a lot of uncertainty about how networks might evolve in the future, but it is clear that this decade will bring about a lot of change in the telecom landscape to allow for further rollout of next-generation networks.The one thing these networks will have in common is that there will be more and more optical fibre used for deployments.

STL is the world’s leading provider for fiber Optic and Optical fibre cable solutions. Our optic fibre solutions cater to all your requirements serving a wide range of applications. Our lower bend loss optical fibre is best suited for your network enabling high network performance and significantly lower installation costs. We offer range of 250um and 200um Bend Insensitive Single Mode Fibre and Non-Zero Dispersion Shifted Single Mode Fibre (NZDSF) solutions suitable for 5G and FTTx applications.

StellarTM Series

StellarTM The installer’s fibre is the world’s 1st G.657.A2 macro-bend insensitive fibre which is compatible with legacy networks comprising of G.657.A1 and G.652D. StellarTM Fibre finds use in almost all sections of a data communication network – Core, Metro and Access

  • StellarTM(G.657.A1 + G.657.A2+ G.652.D)
  • StellarTM Micro Fibre(G.657.A1 + G.657.A2+ G.652.D)

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