Connectorized Block Terminal and Drop Cable solution for FTTH Connectivity

Ensuring superfast, reliable, and cost-effective broadband is paramount in today's digital landscape; however, navigating the intricate web of challenges posed by labour shortages and escalating costs adds a layer of complexity to this essential requirement. To address these challenges, the OptoBlaze Connectorized Block Terminal (CBT) and OptoBolt pre-connectorized drop cable empower installers to swiftly establish connections between the fibre distribution hub and subscribers.

The OptoBlaze Connectorized Block Terminal (CBT) is supplied pre-stubbed and is available in 4-port, 8-port, or 12-port configurations, with or without preloaded splitters. It is suitable for both Point-to-Point (PtP) networks and can also function as a GPON distributor with pre-assembled PLC splitters. The ergonomic design of the pre-terminated solution ensures a fast, secure, and straightforward application. Its IP68 ruggedized design makes it an ideal choice for installations in a hand-hole, pedestal, utility pole, overhead cable, or securely attached to any flat surface.

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The OptoBolt, a pre-connectorized drop cable, is a factory-terminated single-fibre drop cable designed to significantly reduce cable installation time and, consequently, the total cost associated with connecting a subscriber. The connectors are field-hardened to provide superior durability, consistent connectivity, and compatibility with similar currently available hardened connector terminals. Read Less..


Features and Benefits


Ergonomic design and zig zag port placement design ensures easy and fast installation


Pre stubbed terminal makes STL’s Opto-Blaze an ideal choice for deployment in access networks


Round self rodding drop cable results in an avg time savings of 5 minutes per aerial drop


Universal mounting bracket with a hang-and-lock mechanism makes it suitable for installation in hand-hole, pedestal, utility pole or on over head cable


Opto-Blaze is available in a 4-port, 8-port or 12-port configuration with or without preloaded splitters

Hardened Connectivity Solutions

Watch the video to know more about the benefits of STL’s range of CBT OptoBlaze and 1F pre-connectorized drop cable OptoBolt

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