Products Categories: Optical Connectivity

Future-proof solutions for fibre distribution and termination
    • ODC2
      STLOPT DS 2022 09 ODC2 ENG

      Optotec has a wide range of closures matching every need in telecommunication networks.

    • NBG Boxes
      NGB Boxes

      NGB line, designed with simple and innovative design, meets both PON FTTH needs. Reliable and able to match the highest international quality standard (IEC 61753) in order to operate in C (controlled) – G (outside) – A (aerial) categories.

    • Micro ODC

      The Optotec micrODC is a compact and versatile splice closure designed for FTTH networks. It provides IP68 environmental protection, IK10 impact protection, and is ≤ 2 litres in volume

    • MAX Closure
      MAX Closure ENG

      MAX is an environmentally sealed single-ended “dome-type” closure for fiber management systems that provides the functions of splicing and passive component integration in plants outside

    • CODC2
      CODC2 ENG

      Compact CODC2 closures is a family of watertight IP68 (IEC 529) enclosures suitable for traditional cables and micro-cables, both G652 and G657 fibers.

    • opto-bolt_real
      Opto Bolt 1 Page Spec Sheet

      The Opto-Bolt, a pre-connectorized drop cable is a factory terminated single fibre drop cable, designed to significantly reduce cable installation time, hence the total cost required to connect a subscriber.

    • opto-blaze-real
      Opto Blaze Spec Sheet

      The OPTO-BLAZE Terminal system is a device needed in the access network to quickly connect the Fiber Distribution Hub with subscribers.