Artistry and Ambition: Women at Ikigai Exhibition

Artistry and Ambition: Women at Ikigai Exhibition

They say – When going gets tough, then tough gets going. This stands true for our women artisans at Jeewan Jyoti. What started a few years back as a need to support family and contribute financially has turned into talent. And yes! Our women are shining and exhibiting their talent on different platforms.

Amidst the nurturing walls of Jeewan Jyoti, an ESG initiative by STL, a group of remarkable women came together, each with their unique talents and dreams waiting to be discovered.

Among them was Anita, a young woman with an innate passion for stitching. Another was Kunda, whose fingers moved gracefully over fabrics, creating intricate designs that told stories of tradition and culture. Then there was Sunita, a talented chef with a flair for blending flavours that delighted the senses.

Under the guidance of skilled mentors, these women honed their talents, transforming them into potent tools of expression and self-sufficiency. Every day at Jeewan Jyoti was a journey of self-discovery, as they learned not only technical skills but also gained the confidence to showcase their work to the world.

As the days turned into months, trainers and mentors at Jeewan Jyoti decided it was time to share their creations with a wider audience. They sought to prove that their skills were not just a hobby but a pathway to economic independence and recognition.

Then happened IKIGAI Exhibitions at Pune on 7-8 July 2023.

Exhibiting their talent at Ikigai Exhibition

The Ikigai exhibition offers a unique and exciting experience for fashion lovers, featuring beautiful haute couture, sustainable clothing, jewellery, home decor, gourmet food, and much more. With an impressive selection of well-known brands showcasing apparel, footwear, accessories, and jewellery, visitors of all ages and genders are sure to find something that catches their eye.

As the day of the exhibition approached, the Jeewan Jyoti Centre transformed into a vibrant gallery. The walls were adorned with paintings, and the fabrics draped gracefully. Anita’s colourful canvases depicted the beauty of nature and Kunda’s fabrics dazzled with intricate patterns

The inauguration of the IKIGAI Exhibition was a moment of pride and emotion for the women. They stood beside their creations, hearts pounding with excitement and nervousness, but their belief in themselves never wavered.

At the Ikigai Exhibition, there were almost 100 different booths selling different things.

At the Jeewan Jyoti Booth, we invited our very talented artisans to sell their products. We gave an opportunity to all the customers to connect with the artisans and appreciate their hard work!

The ladies of Jeewan Jyoti were so excited to meet the customers that it was difficult for them to sleep the night before the exhibition.

The exhibition was an overwhelming success. Visitors were awestruck by the talent and dedication of these women. Local businesses recognised the potential of their creations and offered collaborations. Media outlets featured their stories, amplifying their voices to a wider audience.

But the true impact of the IKIGAI Exhibition went beyond the accolades and recognition. The women of Jeewan Jyoti experienced a profound sense of achievement and newfound confidence. They realised that they were not just passive beneficiaries of a skill development program but vibrant artists and entrepreneurs capable of shaping their destinies.

Neha, our super awesome and talented fashion designer, said, “I designed a special dress for myself because it was a special occasion for me, finally meeting some new customers. I could not sleep the night before because I was way too excited. I even did my hair that day! It was an amazing experience meeting new people, and I had no idea that our products were liked by so many people! Thank you, Jeewan Jyoti, for inviting us to the exhibition!”

The success of the IKIGAI Exhibition inspired more women to join Jeewan Jyoti, seeking to unleash their potential and find their own ikigai. As the ripple effect spread, the centre became a beacon of hope and empowerment for countless women.

The journey of Anita, Kunda, Neha, and the other women at Jeewan Jyoti proved that with the right support and nurturing, ordinary dreams could transform into extraordinary realities. Their passion and perseverance were a testament to the untapped potential that lies within every woman, waiting to be discovered and celebrated.

And so, the Jeewan Jyoti Center initiative by STL, continued to be a place of transformation where women could find their voices, embrace their talents, and paint the canvas of their lives with colours of empowerment and pride. The IKIGAI Exhibition was not just a one-time event; it became a symbol of a timeless journey – the journey of women rising, one creation at a time.

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Artistry and Ambition: Women at Ikigai Exhibition

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