Largest intrusion-proof innovative defence network Jammu, Kashmir and Leh

Project Background

This case study enumerates how STL deployed 9,000+ km of the Network for Spectrum (NFS) project and built a communication network exclusively for the Indian Armed Forces. This project is one of the most significant and largest intrusion-proof network deployments globally.

Challenges Faced and Mitigated

  • Disruption in the communication of the Indian Army
  • Geopolitical constraints
  • Climatic conditions – sub-zero temperatures, heavy snowfall
  • Establishing secure networks in rugged terrains
  • Transportation of heavy material
  • Prone to Natural Calamities (Landslides)
  • Require Continuous Monitoring at the location
  • Fibre Maintenance Challenges
  • Scarcity of skilled manpower
  • Multiple stakeholders and on-ground coordination

STL Solution

STL has developed a highly innovative design solution that addressed both technology requirements and deployment challenges – Ribbon Fibre Intrusion Proof Cable with G.655 and G.652D fibres. Through STL’s Fibre Deployment Services method, enormous deployment challenges have been overcome. With a bottom-up approach along with realistic planning and preparation for worst-case scenarios, STL achieved superior rollouts in one of the most challenging terrains in the world.