RAN Services

Radio Access Networks have been evolving at a rapid pace to meet the burgeoning service demands across the globe. Network operators have to inevitably evolve and augment their networks for these new use cases , Bandwidth intensive applications ( eMBB- enhanced mobile broadband), Real-time and time sensitive applications (URLLC - Ultra reliable low latency services), Internet of Things (IoT), massive to machine type communications ( MMTC), V2X (Vehicle to Anything) and low latency services . At present both legacy distributed RAN (DRAN) and Open & virtualised RAN (ORAN) have a role to play in modernizing the public telecom networks.

While the existing legacy architecture (DRAN) is enabling faster densification of 4G LTE networks, it requires less engineering efforts. The ORAN on the other hand enables agile and accelerated feature roll-outs using software defined architectures. Although the approach of disaggregation and softwarisation of RAN networks is a key enabler for next generation networks, it comes at the cost of higher integration touch-points and higher engineering efforts. Read More..

STL provides vendor and technology agnostic system integration services to enable the evolution of RAN networks through program management, engineering services and lifecycle management. Read Less..


Our Offering

We provide entire lifecycle management of the network through continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) approach.


Basic engineering

Field engineering services - Surveys, Installation, Commissioning, Integration, Testing


Planning and Design
Engineering services

Network Planning design and engineering with documentation, L2 and L3 engineering support, Network lifecycle management.


engineering services

Network programmability, Automation and Orchestration using DevOps and CI/CD pipelines.

Our Features

Multi-vendor multi technology expertise

Multi-vendor, multi technology expertise ranging from DRAN through vRAN to OpenRAN.

Solution pre-integration and sandboxing

Solution pre-integration and Use-case sandboxing leveraging in-house STL Lab (CSN)for best quality and performance in production networks.

Heterogeneous network roll out

Comprising of radio, core, transport and fibre networks. Leveraging our adjacencies of fibre & network services we accelerate the network roll-outs. One stop shop for services offering for complex multi-tier networks.

Robust process & program management

Proven expertise in handling and managing very large scale network builds.


Accelerating business for digital transformation

Higher data rate & bandwidth

Carrier aggregation increases bandwidth, reduces latency

Faster deployment

An integrated network services offering for faster network roll-outs by reducing contentious and repetitive project lifecycle components and optimizing through digitized and process oriented parallel project processing

Customised solution

In-house tools & capabilities to address the engineering needs of the customers ranging from public to enterprise telco networks including defence and mission critical networks.

Optimised cost

Lower cost of ownership (TCO) by reducing CAPEX and optimising OPEX using digitized and automated tools for entire project lifecycle.

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