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Harnessing Wi-Fi Offload to Maximize Return on Your Network Investments

Smart Wi-Fi offload solutions based on edge analytics enable telcos in reducing cellular network congestion, while providing seamless offloading experience to end users. With the wider adoption of Hot Spot 2.0, availability of Passpoint certified access points, Wi-Fi 6/6E & commercial rollouts of 5G, CSPs now have unprecedented opportunity to exploit Wi-Fi offloading to reduce […]

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Be 5G Ready With Next Gen Programmable Radio

5G drives a wealth of applications, from IoT to telemedicine. It’s not just about latency; bandwidth is key to massively expanding the scale and availability of these applications. The new age network architecture is shaping up to meet imminent demands on the scalable networks that need more bandwidth and app-driven functions. This, along with capex/opex […]

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Budgeting your link losses still

Data consumption is increasing at the speed of light, therefore, data transmission needs to catch up as well. Optical fibre is expanding its reach and is a key enabler of the upcoming 5G technologies that would require a rock-solid foundation. However, at a time when connectivity demands are rising, fibre needs to achieve much more: […]

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Network Data Monetization Get there faster with AI

The global digital ecosystem is being re-defined around emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain, etc. These ecosystems add new dimensions to the increasing volume, speed and nature of data capture and advanced analytics capabilities. To get an edge, leading telcos are heavily investing in analytics engines and capabilities to get structured […]

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Gigabit Wired and Wireless Convergence

With the proliferation of 4G LTE across the globe and evolution of WiFi standards to support Gigabit connectivity in building (home, enterprise, high-density venues, etc.), there has been a steady rise in data consumption at the network’s edge. This demand for high bandwidth on the radio access has led to growing demand for high-bandwidth backhaul […]

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Design Networks that Accelerate Digital Future

Unprecedented data explosion will fuel massive network expansion, myriad use cases and multi-fold traffic increase. Networks would need to become more intelligent, agile, well-orchestrated and cost effective. The world is going hyperscale and Networks of Tomorrow are coming sooner than we think! Network design innovation is an imperative to create the digital future that we […]