Enable High-Speed Internet Access with STL Drop OFC

STL RapidDrop flat single jacket fiber optic cable offers  a streamlined solution for effortless installation and reliable performance. This single-tube cable features thixotropic gel-filled tubes protecting optical fibers, housed in a thermoplastic jacket with two embedded strength members for anti-buckling. The dielectric version eliminates bonding and grounding requirements, prioritizing safety. For enhanced functionality, the Toneable Fiber Optic Cable adds a 24 AWG conductor, aiding underground location tracing. Its web-attached design allows easy tear-away separation, making it a popular choice for underground and multipurpose installations. 

Single Jacket Toneable Flat OFC

STL RapidDrop Flat Drop Toneable Fiber Optic Cable offers ease of installation in an easy-access, single-tube design. The toneable version adds a 24 AWG conductor that provides underground location tracing and is attached by a web for easy tear-away separation from the cable—the most popular option for underground and multipurpose installation.

Single Jacket Flat OFC

STL RapidDrop Flat Drop Dielectric Fiber Optic Cable offers ease of installation in an easy-access, single-tube design. This cable has optical fibers presented in a tube filled with a thixotropic gel and enclosed in a thermoplastic sheath. The cable has two embedded strength members to avoid buckling. The dielectric version eliminates any bonding and grounding requirements.

Features and Benefits

 - Unparalleled resistance against buckling, ensuring structural integrity in challenging conditions.
 - Ensures the cable's longevity and performance even in demanding environmental conditions.

 - Superior longitudinal water protection for transmission quality and cable longevity in wet environments.
- Protects against water ingress, ensuring reliable performance over time.

- Facilitates easy access to individual fibers, streamlining installation, maintenance, and upgrades.
- Optimizes operational efficiency and minimizes downtime, saving time and resources.

- Engineered for maximum strength, ensuring high tensile and crush resistance.
- Available with steel wire as an embedded strength member for higher tensile strengths, meeting demanding installation needs.

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