Network Readiness Index 2021 Reports


Network Readiness Index 2021 Reports

The 2020 NRI is the second edition of a renewed NRI model, and it ranks a total of 134 economies based on their performance across 60 variables. This year’s edition is grounded on the Portulans Institute hosted Digital Transformation Dialogue Series, which interviewed high-level experts from across the globe on various aspects of Digital Transformation – from the role of business and governments to issues of inclusion, and more. Recognizing the pervasiveness of digital technologies in today’s networked world, the Index is grounded in four fundamental dimensions: Technology, People, Governance and Impact. This holistic approach means that the NRI covers issues ranging from future technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to the role of the digital economy in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

NRI Highlights

Created 20 years ago, this annual report lists the world’s most network-ready economies based on the four pillars: Technology, People, Governance, Impact. Sweeden, Denmark, and Singapore are the most future-ready societies, according to the latest Network Readiness Index (NRI) 2020 report. This makes Europe (with three countries in the global top 4) the leading region in the world. While the Network Readiness Index 2020 rankings might be out, 2021’s are right around the corner.

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