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Nous construisons des technologies innovantes qui ont un impact sur la vie quotidienne des gens. Nous construisons des réseaux de données qui permettent des connexions à la vitesse de la lumière.

Le travail est amusant pour nous parce que nous jouons avec la technologie, la recherche, les processus, l’automatisation, la conception, les projets, les robots. Nos centres d’innovation et nos laboratoires d’essai à travers le monde bouillonnent d’idées et d’actions.

Et nous avons FUN@WORK

Cool d'être un STLer

“Nothing gives me a bigger high than being able to convert a simple concept into a full-fledged product. At STL, I enjoy the freedom to express my ideas, conceptualise and create products that are used by millions of customers every day. I am passionate about technology and here I get plenty of opportunities to indulge my creative side in next-gen tech and work in tech innovation projects.”

- Darshana Bhatt

Designing & developing solutions for specialty cables

“STL is LIVELINESS. My journey began with working on STL’s acquisition of MetallurgicaBresciana the first in Europe region, and there has been no looking back since then. Each day is a “new” day with new challenges, opportunities, and lots of exciting experiences. STL provides multiple avenues to explore, experiment with new ideas, and to think beyond the obvious. I am incredibly excited to be a part of STL’s growth journey driven by a larger purpose of transforming lives by connecting the unconnected. ”

- Komal Chhabra

Creating value through M&A and IR

“Every day feels like a roller coaster ride – full of exciting things to do, exposure to multiple aspects of business, the chance to work closely with leaders, developing solutions…and I could go on. Fresh out of B-school, I can say this is the best experience I could hope for. I am happy and proud to be a part of this agile, ambitious and bold organisation. ”

- S Anand

Strategising growth and global reach for network services business

“I am always looking for challenges as they push me to grow and do my best. I’ve been in telecommunications industry for a while now, and so for someone like me, STL brings new and exciting opportunities in the field of software solutions for optical fibre communications. The future certainly looks bright with the rush for next-gen connectivity. I learn something new every day and it feels like home here.”

- Alberto Camba Flores

Managing STL’s business for Philippines

“The first thing I noticed when I joined STL was the sheer energy, enthusiasm and commitment of people in various parts of the company. I had never seen anything like this. We are growing fast and ramping up our capabilities in areas of technology, innovation and network design. We are on a transformation journey and this is attributed to the energy we have as a group. ”

- Jitendra Balakrishnan

Growing technology capabilities in fibre optic networks and manufacturing


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85% de nos employés estiment que STL est un endroit où il fait bon travailler. C’est le résultat d’une culture d’entreprise dynamique, rapide, transparente, collaborative et respectueuse.

Travailler avec une équipe intelligente, accessible, amicale et amusante ; vous aurez toujours quelqu’un pour vous aider, vous apprendre quelque chose de nouveau ou aller déjeuner avec vous.