Stellar G.657.A2 bend-resilient fibre with 9.1 µm MFD compatible with legacy network

With the explosion in data consumption worldwide, network operators are under increasing pressure to innovate and scale data transmission. Cutting-edge optical fibres have become their key enablers to foster FTTH and 5G technologies and bring about deeper geographical expansion.

STL Stellar Fibre is a new industry paradigm to meet this very demand for building new-age, agile communication networks. It is a revolutionary product that not only turns the economics for dense and deep fiberization in an ISP's favour but also circumvents all deployment challenges. Read More..

Sheer scale of fiberization requires de-skilling of field termination to speed up the process. Traditional G.657.A2 optical fibres have a smaller MFD, typically 8.6 micron. This makes it difficult for the installers to splice fibre with legacy network fibres. Stellar is the world's first G.657.A2 fibre, with a 9.1 µm MFD which enables it to seamlessly splice with legacy fibres along with superior bend-resilient performance, making it truly an installer's fibre.

Geographical expansion into the deeper pockets of a city, requires fibre to undergo several bends and turns. STL Stellar fibre is made with an industry lowest macro-bend loss of 0.2 and 0.5 dB at 1550 and 1625 nm wavelength respectively. It exceeds the ITU-T specification of 0.5/1.0 dB. In comparison with a typical G.657.A1 optical fibre, STL Stelar fibre has as much as 10 times better bend performance.

To satisfy the need for higher bit rates, 200 and 250 µm Future- ready Stellar fibre is the ideal choice for next generation PONs working at higher wavelengths. Read Less..

The Installer’s fibre

Do you know why Stellar is truly an Installer’s fibre?

Watch the video to know more about the benefits of an optical fibre with the unique combination of 9.1 µm MFD and superior bend resilience.



STL Stellar optical fibre adheres to ITU-T G.657.A2 standards

The innovative optical fibre offers superior bend insensitivity Up to 40x* lower macro bend loss as compared to conventional G.657.D fibre
1 Turn, 7.5mm bend radius, 1550 nm wavelength


Reduced losses at higher wavelength

Stellar Fibre is suitable for newer technologies including next-gen PONs - 10G/40G PON technologies


Stellar's Mode Field Diameter (MFD) of 9.1 µm ensures seamless splicing with legacy networks

Faster network roll-out and minimal splice loss, even with semi-skilled installers


Stellar increases your network's life by as much as 10 years

Improved power budget that can accommodate a greater number of repairs arising out of accidental cuts and bends.

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