Creating robust future ready hyperscale networks

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We are in the midst of an altering digital landscape with a surge for data demand and need for hyperscale environment. The future would be in the convergence of Fibre, 5G, Cloud, IOT and AI /ML. Enterprises are quick to adopt these emerging technologies to enhance their business outcomes. However the complexity of each network layer, operational visibility, processes and the ability to man these services leave the customer confounded.

This opens up as a huge opportunity for global services to offer system integration services in ICT space by integrating different technological products, networks , data centre and applications. This would help address the complexity of the network and aid in increasing the ROI by integrating products and services from different OEM's with zero downtime and uninterrupted data supply.

We assist our clients to accelerate their business outcomes by providing operational and process efficiency by aligning with business imperatives


Key Offering

Transforming lives with networks of tomorrow

Fibre Rollout Services

From the most extensive geotechnical surveys, microscopic route planning, front-wise planning to flawless on-ground execution, the STL Way of fibre roll outs brings unrivalled quality rigour to each step of the process. The rollouts can be in unconquered geographies, difficult terrain, in-building, in- campus, intra city or intercity, we intend to serve all the consumer needs.

Network Services

We deliver network models that can significantly transform your agility, efficiency and competitiveness. The design includes backhaul, converged, FTTx/last mile and in building network systems.


Managed Services

We offer network engineering, network fulfilment, assurance and field services. Our operations and maintenance services are governed with strong SLA compliance. While we deliver these services we ensure that they cover five critical aspects: Monitoring, Helpdesk, Program Management, process management and MIS Services.


Data Center Networks

It's time to do with smaller hardware footprint yet the need for proliferating data usage has given rise to unbridled usage of data centres for faster processing, enhanced storage and information kept in one secure place. STL offers data center connectivity solutions for both inside and outside the data center

Cloud Services

We provide comprehensive cloud solutions to optimise operations, amplify scalability and fuel innovation. Businesses can leverage the benefits of multi-cloud strategies to achieve their business goals. Our platform-agnostic cloud solutions ensure scalability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness for staying ahead in today’s technology-driven world.

Security Services

In today’s evolving threat landscape, protecting both digital and physical assets is paramount. It is critical to maintain a secure environment as it fosters trust among employees, customers, and other stakeholders. Our perimeter security and cybersecurity services offer advanced security solutions empowering businesses to thwart incidents and cyber espionage.

Key Features

Innovation at the core of our offerings

Future Fit Solutions

Innovative and agility is at the core of our solutions. We design networks in a way that future requirements can be easily served. We create networks of tomorrow.

Superlative scalability and flexibility

We provide connectivity, critical services & new tech applications from digitally demanding locations to the bleak data usage locations.

Global Services
Global presence

Global expertise and presence in over 100 countries

Multilayer performance and efficiency

We have exceptional capabilities across physical and network layer.

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