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Zukunftssichere Lösungen für die Verteilung und den Abschluss von Glasfasern
    • STL-Stellar-250-Fibre
      STL Stellar 250 Fibre

      STL RIBBON-LITE Unitube Single Jacket Cable combines robust performance for high-count mass fusion splicing. The optical fibers are arranged into ribbon units by placing the fibers in a flat array of color-coded fibers bonded together by a UV-curable acrylate matrix.

    • STL-Stellar-200-Fibre
      STL Stellar 200 Fibre
    • STL-Nova-250-Fibre
      STL Nova 250 Fibre
    • STL-DOF-Lite-656-Fibre
      STL DOF Lite 656 Fibre
    • STL-DOF-Lite-655-Fibre
      STL DOF Lite 655 Fibre
    • STL-Bow-Lite-200-Fibre
      STL Bow Lite 200 Fibre
    • Bow-Lite
      STL Bow Lite 250 Fibre
    • STL Bow Lite Plus 250 Fibre
    • OH Lite 250 Fibre
    • fiber Optics
      STL HD B3 250 Fibre
    • STL-HD-A2-250-Fibre
      STL HD A2 250 Fibre
    • STL-HD-A2-200-Fibre
      STL HD A2 200 Fibre